Poems from she #1

                                                  LOST AND FOUND
We used to be in love, when we were young and innocent, but then we got older.  And as we grew, so did our perception of love and what it should or shouldn’t be.  The fights got worse, our silence got deafening, and you and I got lost in the sea of worries and wants.
Where did it all go wrong? I sometimes ask myself, but the answer seems as elusive as my returning to your heart. I once said to someone ‘the only way you can truly love, is to love as you would yourself’ but I can’t seem to find any trace of me whenever I look at you.
I woke up this morning, and decided in my heart, ‘I’ll go out and find love, and return him to your heart’. So out I went searching, everywhere I could, but nothing is as elusive as love that’s not to be found.
So I searched and I and searched, but I never did find, love that was as innocent and as pure as what we had.  Just as I gave up, a voice said to me inside, ‘why not try to do the things you did, when you first thought it was love?’
And so I went back home and decided I will be, the little girl you once loved and everything else I could.
I can’t tell the whole story, but this I can say, whenever it seems  so hard, go back to the start.

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